Teamwork & Keeping Your Word is The Key To Success

Whether you work in a corporate, entrepreneurship, non-profit or consulting position – time is money; relationships are key. My mother use to say without your word as you are your word, people will lose the LISTENING of you as a person. When you expect only to receive what you want and not follow up, respond, or provide what you promise at the time you promise it, the team you work with are unable to meet their deadlines; and this results in loss of time and revenue. Remember we all have a vision and we want to work together for our visions to be realized together. WIN-WIN

Relationships Are Like Trees (Roots, Branches, Leaves)

Personal and Professional Relationships are like Trees. Those who have the capacity to be there during the great times, but unable to handle the challenging times are like – LEAVES that fly away. Others who have the capacity to be there during the great times and during the challenging times along their paths to a point are like – BRANCHES that can only handle so much weight before they break; and then there are the people who are there during the great times and challenging times all the way through and they are like – TREE ROOTS that are the foundation with one another to support, hold each other accountable, love unconditionally, respect, nurture, share their visions and know when to step back to allow each other to move forward. TREE ROOTS don’t come along everyday. We are blessed to have even a few in our lives. 

The important thing is to recognize the TREE ROOTS, BRANCHES and LEAVES in your life. All relationships are important. How we LISTEN (not listen to – the LISTENING WE HAVE OF THEM) someone in their lives is very important. If you perceive them to be a certain way, you will interact with them based on that perception. We may run into them years later; we have made changes in our lives from maturity, but we will view them the same way we did the last time we interacted with them (which may be years). People can only show up the way we perceive them. We then write them off. So we will say they are a BRANCH or a LEAF. Or someone is going through something, we don’t want to deal with it because we feel our lives are in a in a better place, but then forget, we, too, came through challenging times. We write them off again. How we interact with another and we receive another during great and challenges is whether we see the TREE ROOTS, BRANCHES or LEAVES in the relationship. We are responsible for how we create each other as TREE ROOTS, BRANCHES or LEAVES. So treat each person with dignity and respect, then they are able to show up no other way in the present with you than dignified and respectful. 

Have you ever noticed what happens when you treat a homeless person with respect, they internally give themselves respect and see value in themselves. Well we are able to do that with our families, friends and colleagues as well. We are responsible for the way we view people in our lives. This can either empower or disempower them and the relationship. Even the relationship with YOURSELF. Are you a TREE ROOT, BRANCH or LEAF in the relationship you have with YOURSELF? Something to think about. I will give you a hint; look at the relationships you have in your life now and look at the results you have with YOU.

Life Is Much Simpler Than You Think

Asia is one of my favorite continents because people live a simplistic life. This young man has to think about the simplicities of life like prayer and being of service. I have been of service every day of my life and was thinking this was my year to be about the things I want. But I realize 2015 is taking being of service to another level to the planet and I am included in that being of service too. Thank you Beyoncé for this beautiful and simplistic picture. Thank you Jehovah and Christ for my life and those in it. This picture reminded me of how simple it is to just smile and be grateful.

By Gail Davvis for The Listen Give Initiative

Jia Ruhan – International Ambassador for Youth, Education & Arts

Listen Give is proud to introduce to Jia Ruhan, our International Ambassador for Mentoring Youth, Education and Arts.

Jia Ruhan is a classically trained soloist, who has the unique talent of transcending all music genres beginning with Classical and integrating the intonations of Pop, Latin, Electronic Dance and World Music.   Jia has a unique perspective and amazing approach to people of all cultures.  She resides in China.  Her music has garnered her travels from China, Taiwan to Sweden, Switzerland, France, United States, South Africa and many other countries.

More to come about Ruhan in the coming weeks.  Above you will find a beautiful song from sung here by her in Sweden.



PSA – Human Rights Day is Every Day

Human Rights Day is a day that should be celebrated everyday.  Its our human right to live with dignity and love for ourselves and each other.  Please watch this Public Service Announcement for “Human Rights Day is Every Day”.  It was released on December 11, 2014 to illustrate that every day is Human Rights Day, not just one day to be celebrated.