Life Is Much Simpler Than You Think

Asia is one of my favorite continents because people live a simplistic life. This young man has to think about the simplicities of life like prayer and being of service. I have been of service every day of my life and was thinking this was my year to be about the things I want. But I realize 2015 is taking being of service to another level to the planet and I am included in that being of service too. Thank you Beyoncé for this beautiful and simplistic picture. Thank you Jehovah and Christ for my life and those in it. This picture reminded me of how simple it is to just smile and be grateful.

By Gail Davvis for The Listen Give Initiative

Jia Ruhan – International Ambassador for Youth, Education & Arts

Listen Give is proud to introduce to Jia Ruhan, our International Ambassador for Mentoring Youth, Education and Arts.

Jia Ruhan is a classically trained soloist, who has the unique talent of transcending all music genres beginning with Classical and integrating the intonations of Pop, Latin, Electronic Dance and World Music.   Jia has a unique perspective and amazing approach to people of all cultures.  She resides in China.  Her music has garnered her travels from China, Taiwan to Sweden, Switzerland, France, United States, South Africa and many other countries.

More to come about Ruhan in the coming weeks.  Above you will find a beautiful song from sung here by her in Sweden.



PSA – Human Rights Day is Every Day

Human Rights Day is a day that should be celebrated everyday.  Its our human right to live with dignity and love for ourselves and each other.  Please watch this Public Service Announcement for “Human Rights Day is Every Day”.  It was released on December 11, 2014 to illustrate that every day is Human Rights Day, not just one day to be celebrated.